For 26 years, we've created supplements as close to nature as possible. Today, we have more farm-to-table, whole food and whole food-based products - with sustainable USDA Organic ingredients - than ever. Many are allergen-free and KOF-K kosher certified. And with the growing demand for products without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), many are made with non-GMO ingredients whenever they are available. In fact, all Bluebonnet products with the USDA Organic seal are also non-GMO based on the requirements of that seal. However, for those products that aren't USDA Organic, Bluebonnet has established an internal non-GMO standard. This rigorous verification
process scrutinizes the origins of both dietary and other ingredients and
in every formula. The "Made with NON-GMO Ingredients" symbol on
the bottle is our guarantee that those Bluebonnet supplements are
derived from sources that have never been genetically modified
through the use of modern biotechnology.

NOTE: Bluebonnet products bearing the "Made with NON-GMO Ingredients" seal have had their dietary and other ingredients rigorously vetted through Bluebonnet's internal non-GMO verification program. This seal will appear on the front label panel of Bluebonnet products after they have been properly verified and when current label and bottle inventories are depleted.