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Asking for help is always a sign of strength. Good health doesn’t just happen – at least not for most of us. You don’t have to go it alone. Bluebonnet, together with natural food stores, will help you make educated choices that meet your nutritional needs.  


Natural food stores are where clean, wholesome nutrition began. For 25 years, they have been our partners in healthy living, as well as the exclusive retailers of Bluebonnet supplements.  Natural food stores not only understand how nutrients function in the body, they care for their customers on a highly personal level. With the science of nutrition constantly evolving and so many supplements to choose from, you need expert advice.


Bluebonnet offers hundreds of products – including one of the industry’s most comprehensive lines of whole food and whole food-based supplements – many of which are USDA Organic and non-GMO. Our assortment of natural vitamins, minerals, multiples, amino acids, proteins, standardized herbal extracts, and marine- and plant-based omega fatty acids – as well as specialty supplements like digestive aids, sports nutrition, and food supplements – is unsurpassed. We also have nutritional regimens specially formulated for children, pregnant and nursing women, seniors, and both casual and serious athletes.


There is also an array of “delivery systems,” so you can choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle: caplets, mini-caplets, softgels, chewables, crystals, liquids, lozenges, and powders.  Many are vegetarian and vegan – as are our vegetable capsules, liquid-filled vegetable capsules, and vegetarian softgels. These are made from vegetable sources instead of the usual animal gelatin by-products and are approved by the Vegetarian Society, Vegan Action, and the 

Non-GMO Project, as well as kosher and halal certified.  


We put our faith – and our supplements – in natural food stores because they are the natural nutritional experts in this highly-processed, fast-paced world – and the support system you need to achieve your nutritional goals.



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