About Us


Every action makes a difference. Plant a tree. Tell the truth. Improve your nutrition. Start an exercise regimen. Recycle – and you become an instrument of change. For 26 years, Bluebonnet has worked to positively impact the world and every person whose life we touch. It starts with transparency. Being completely honest with our customers and straightforward and accountable in our actions. After all, when you buy Bluebonnet supplements, you entrust us with your nutrition and health. So we take whatever steps are necessary to deliver precisely what’s promised on every Bluebonnet label.  


We’re able to do this because Bluebonnet supplements aren’t just all-natural; they’re based on leading-edge nutritional science. Plus, we manufacture most of our products in-house, employing a unique practice called “content uniformity,” which provides a consistent nutrient blend in every batch. Every Bluebonnet supplement is then analyzed and evaluated by in-house laboratory scientists – and often by third-party laboratories as well. Using the latest scientifically proven testing methods and standards specific to each ingredient, we document nutrient content with 100% accuracy and perform accelerated and real-time stability tests to ensure that potency levels last through the expiration date, when stored properly.   


Then, we provide all the facts you need to make informed decisions for your personal supplementation regimen. And, we stand behind every bottle with a 100% unconditional, 

money-back guarantee.




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