About Us


As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, it would be easy to simply reflect on the past. But we prefer to look forward. Never have there been greater opportunities for natural nutrition. Never have there been greater challenges to achieving excellence at every level. But our dedication to the power of nature, science, transparency and sustainability remains unchanged.  


Looking forward, Bluebonnet will continue to make nutritional advances, creating superior, scientifically supported natural supplements that command trust. To go to extremes to make sure the information we impart is rock-solid. To lead the industry in green, socially responsible initiatives. To advocate for your rights to natural, sustainable nutritional solutions.


We don’t do it because it’s easy. We do it to address your health and nutrition needs. To exceed your expectations. For the freedom that comes with wellness. And, for the inner peace derived from doing the right thing. That's the power inside Bluebonnet Nutrition.