About Us


In this world, everyone needs a competitive advantage. Whether to win a race, succeed in business, or achieve better health. For 26 years, innovation has kept Bluebonnet at the forefront of the natural products industry. Our product development team – all experts in nutritional science – has only one objective: to bring you cutting-edge natural nutrition that is safe, scientifically supported, and suited to your real-world needs and goals. As a result, Bluebonnet has been first to market with technologically advanced natural ingredients like Ubiquinol®, the only active antioxidant form of CoQ10; and GliSODin®, the only orally available, vegetarian form of SOD.  


We’ve launched a range of USDA Organic and Non-GMO whole food and whole food-based supplements. We’ve also introduced multiples with “cleaner,” groundbreaking formulas – including Super Earth® Single Daily® Multiple, which is whole food-based, and Early Promise Prenatal® Gentle Multiple, which is kind to pregnant and nursing women’s sensitive systems while providing nearly 100% of the nutrients they need.  


Our unique targeted structure/function formulas – which include Age-Less® Skin, CholesteRice®Power Thought®, MPX 1000® Prostate Support, and Ultimate Hair & Nail® – have won industry awards. And Extreme Edge®, our revolutionary, award-winning line of professional-strength workout formulas, is so pure, natural and safe, it has received the coveted NSF Certified for Sport® seal.


At Bluebonnet, second best simply isn’t good enough. We always go the extra mile to ensure you achieve your health and nutritional goals. 



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