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In this day and age, it’s simply not enough to provide top-quality, all-natural supplements. A company like Bluebonnet – devoted to farm-to-table and whole food ingredients – must also be dedicated to living and working green. Ours is an enterprise-wide effort that permeates everything we do.


We procure ingredients from sustainable fisheries and farms – and embrace suppliers who follow Fair Trade practices whenever possible. We take the time to understand how these raw materials are harvested or wildcrafted, as well as processed, so their natural quality and purity are maintained with minimal environmental impact.   


In addition, we continually work to reduce our own carbon footprint via environmentally sound manufacturing and operations. Currently, alternative energy sources – notably wind and solar energy – fulfill more than one-third of our needs, reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.  Plus, we package most of our supplements in amber glass bottles, which are not only recyclable, but also the best way to maintain nutrient integrity and potency. Our shipping materials are 

both recyclable and biodegradable. We even use eco-friendly, soy-based inks on most 

of our printed materials.


Bluebonnet finds it equally important to look beyond our own community. We champion the ecological preservation programs of United Plant Savers and American Botanical Council.  And, we support Mother Health International and Hope in Action, humanitarian organizations devoted to worldwide nutrition. 


Creating a healthier world – helping preserve it for generations to come – gives meaning to our lives, as well as to those around us.




Award-Winning Sustainability Practices


Bluebonnet’s ingredient suppliers must offer high levels of sustainability and accountability.
These are just a few. 

  • EPAX®Fish Oils: Certified by Friend of the Sea. Marine Stewardship Council Sustainable Certification. Past recipient of Frost & Sullivan Best Practices and Peru’s “Cleanest and Most Eco-Efficient Production” awards.  
  • Standardized Herbal Extracts: ISO 14001 certification; guarantees a system for managing environmental impact and improving environmental performance. Past recipient of UBM NuW Excellence Award for Sustainability &  Environmental initiatives.
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherols & Tocotrienols) from Palm Oil: ASEAN Sustainability  Award. Malaysian Palm Oil Board Codes of Practice Certification.




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