Best Wishes for Happy Holidays and a Magnificent New Year!

As we reflect on a wonderful 2015, we at Bluebonnet can only hope to have an equally fulfilling 2016.  And we sincerely hope that your 2016 is just as delightful.  In 2015, Bluebonnet Nutrition became a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility registered by NSF International. Earning GMP registration from NSF International verifies that Bluebonnet Nutrition’s facility has the proper methods, equipment, facilities, and controls in place for producing dietary supplement products. NSF GMPs were developed in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 111 regulations for the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of dietary supplements.  Following these GMP requirements ensures that manufacturers like Bluebonnet are developing and maintaining proper controls in their facilities so that their supplements are manufactured and labeled in a consistent manner and meet or exceed rigorous quality standards.

In addition to our NSF GMP registration, Bluebonnet has also been certified to produce and handle USDA Organic products. To grant this certification, the Texas Department of Agriculture traces every ingredient in every Bluebonnet supplement labeled USDA Organic back to its farm of origin, verifying that it complies with federal organic production and handling regulations established by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). Certified organic ingredients must be produced through agricultural methods that cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. No synthetic chemicals – fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, etc. – irradiation, or genetically modified seeds can be used. In fact, a farm must meet these rigorous standards for a minimum of five years before its ingredients can be certified organic.

And to top it all off, we rolled out our own internal non-GMO standard. This proprietary verification process scrutinizes the origins of both the active and inactive ingredients in every formula. The “Made with NON-GMO Ingredients” symbol on the product label is our guarantee that those Bluebonnet supplements are derived from food sources that have not been genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology.


And last but certainly not least, we are excited to announce that January 1st, 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Bluebonnet Nutrition.  For 25 years, we’ve created supplements as close to nature as possible.  Andas we celebrate this anniversary, it would be easy to simply reflect on the past.  But we prefer to look forward.  Never have there been greater opportunities for natural nutrition.  Never have there been greater challenges to achieving excellence at every level.  And as we embark on this silver anniversary, we look forward to continuing to make nutritional advances, creating superior, scientifically supported natural supplements that command trust.



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