Introducing...NEW Extreme Edge Flavors!

Bluebonnet Nutrition is excited to announce that Extreme Edge®, a revolutionary line of sports nutrition products that has achieved the highly coveted NSF Certified for Sport® seal, is now offering 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate in Cookies N' Cream! Extreme Edge® offers professional, elite and everyday athletes safe, great-tasting formulas to support optimal muscle recharging, rebuilding and recovery. In fact, Extreme Edge® formulas were developed with the right nutrient stacks in the right ratios and potencies supported by science to address the specific nutrient needs of athletes before, during and after strenuous training. These products have undergone rigorous testing for quality assurance guaranteeing athletes one of the most pure and effective sports nutrition lines available on the market today. Every batch of Extreme Edge® products is 3rd party tested by NSF, the leading global public health and safety company, to guarantee that they are free of more than 200 substances banned by major sports authorities (e.g., NFL, MLB). Plus, each formula is free of artificially-derived colors, flavors and sweeteners taking the purity factor of these formulas to the next level! ♦

Extreme Edge® 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate now available in Cookies N’ Cream!

Extreme Edge® Whey Protein Isolate delivers 26 grams of high-quality protein per scoop to help replenish amino acid pools in the muscle that are necessary for achieving significant increases in muscle size and mass. Plus, each scoop provides essential amino acids – including branched chain amino acids – for muscle building and repairing, immunoglobulins for immune support to combat transient immune suppression that often occurs after strenuous exercise, as well as a cellular hydration blend of naturally occurring electrolytes [potassium (K+), sodium (Na+), calcium (Ca2+), phosphorus and magnesium (Mg2+)]. Muscle contraction is dependent upon the presence of electrolytes. In fact, without sufficient levels of these key minerals, which can often be depleted during continuous strenuous exercise, muscle weakness or severe muscle contractions/ cramping may occur, as well as dehydration.♦

The sports nutritional scientists at Extreme Edge® use only naturally-derived sweeteners, flavors and colors in combination with 100% natural whey protein isolate to help facilitate clean and pure performance.  Plus, this whey protein isolate powder is derived from grass-fed cows that are not treated with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH)or antibiotics. And instead of the common practice of using heat processed whey that could denature the protein and immunoglobulins, we employ cross-flow microfiltration, a special low-temperature method that leaves the polypeptide chains (i.e., protein) and immunoglobulins intact, while removing excess fat and 98% of the lactose sugars that often cause bloating or cramping. ♦

And the best part is that there are MORE new flavors to come for other Extreme® Edge products! Stay tuned!    


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