Nutritional News/FAQs

Below are some common questions about our Omega Fatty Acids. Click on each of the questions to
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What is unique about EPAX® Fish oils?

Bluebonnet’s EPAX® Fish Oils are three functional fish oil products, which Bluebonnet was proud to be first to the market.  While most manufacturers of omega-3 fish oils play the numbers game by focusing only on the amount of EPA and DHA in their products, Bluebonnet’s EPAX® Formulas contain the correct amount AND ratio of EPA and DHA from Norwegian deep sea cold water fish that have been shown through human clinical studies to support cardiovascular, joint and heart health. Additionally, this formula contains EPA and DHA in their natural triglyceride form, instead of the commonly used ethyl ester form since dietary fats naturally exist in the triglyceride form. EPAX® fish oils are produced using a unique patented molecular distillation process. Plus, they are tested for heavy metals and other pollutants often present in other omega-3 fish oils.


Are Bluebonnet’s Fish Oils Sustainably Sourced?

Yes!  Absolutely.  Sustainability is important for all of us these days, but especially for a company like Bluebonnet Nutrition that has always turned to nature to locate the world’s finest raw materials.  Our “green” initiatives range from environmentally friendly manufacturing practices that use alternative energy sources and enterprise-wide recycling to programs that maintain the Earth’s land- and ocean-scapes for future generations.  Utilizing high quality EPAX® fish oils from Peru’s marine habitat supports this environmental commitment.  Peru’s government has a sophisticated quality assurance program overseeing its fisheries, and its environmentally sustainable practices are beyond reproach.  This program regulates the minimum size and number of juvenile fish, monitors the fleet via satellite, and provides third party control of fish landings.  To promote environmental management practices in public, private and government owned companies, the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment gives an annual award for the “Cleanest and Most Eco-Efficient Production.”  In 2008, EPAX’s leading fishery group was the recipient, recognized for its environmental management system model. This mutual commitment to ecological preservation and sustainability is just another testament to the quality of Bluebonnet’s Natural Omega-3 Functional Fish Oil Formulas.