Natural Choice Awards 2014 - Best in Sports Nutrition

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

luebonnet Nutrition Corporation, Sugar Land, TX, is a double winner this year, sweeping both the Sports Supplement category for its Extreme Edge line, as well as one of our new categories, Heart Health Supplement, for Ubiquinol. Gary Barrows, president of Bluebonnet, says the company feels validated by its awards. “This acknowledgment of our dedication to the values this industry holds so dear is gratifying and exalting and further ingratiates us to our mission in continuing to live up to the high quality standards that our customers and consumers have grown to expect from the Bluebonnet brand,” comments Barrows.

For the second time, Bluebonnet’s Extreme Edge line of Sports Nutrition products takes the top spot in the category. Each product, whether designed to fuel bodybuilders and athletes pre- or post-workout, is free of the 165 substances banned by major sporting authorities, including the NFL, MLB and NCAA, so amateurs and professionals alike can get their necessary nutrients safely. The line also includes CarboLoad, a muscle-replenishing snack with 38 grams of complex carbs per serving for high energy and endurance. Bluebonnet Whey Protein Isolate, which delivers 26 grams of protein plus BCAAs, comes in three great flavors: Vicious Vanilla, Atomic Chocolate and Striking Strawberry.

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