Introducing Super Earth® SingleDaily™ Multiple Caplets

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bluebonnet’s Super Earth® SingleDaily™ Multiple — in both iron and iron free forms —provides most of the nutrients one should get from the foods (s)he eats every day in one convenient caplet. This cutting-edge, whole food based formula offers essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes from unique, kosher certified, plant-based ingredients, such as adaptogenic and immune-boosting herbs from the garden, greens from nutrient-dense spirulina, chlorella and chlorophyll, lycopene from tomatoes and potent anti-aging antioxidants from pomegranate fruit and sprout phytonutrients. ◆

Super Earth® SingleDaily™ Multiple supports the following structure / function applications in the body:
» Energy Production ◆
» Cellular Protection ◆
» Antioxidant Support ◆
» Blood Sugar Balance ◆
» Digestive Aid ◆
» Brain Health ◆
» Bone Health ◆
» Skin Health ◆
» Immune Defense ◆
» Heart & Circulatory Support ◆
» Metabolic & Hormonal Support ◆

It is no secret that most Western diets are severely lacking in whole food nutrients. In fact, prestigious research institutions are urging Americans to eat a more varied, well-balanced diet, rich in dark, leafy greens since the human body requires a broad range of nutrients for general health and well-being. Bluebonnet’s Super Earth® SingleDaily™ Multiple combines scientifically relevant amounts of important nutrients to help close the nutritional gap in our daily diets with the convenience of a one-a-day formula. Unlike ordinary multiples, whole food based multiples like Bluebonnet’s Super Earth® SingleDaily™ Multiple provide a cornucopia of plant super foods with all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for complete and balanced daily nutrition. ◆

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