Bluebonnet’s 5-HTP 100 mg Vegetable Capsules

February 15, 2016
Bluebonnet’s 5-HTP 100 mg Vegetable Capsules containing 5-hydroxytryptophan that is wholesomely extracted from the seed of the African plant Griffonia simplicifolia for those who believe they should get most of their nutrients from the foods they eat and want a sleep support supplement to support that philosophy. 5-HTP is the direct metabolic precursor of serotonin and is important for the production of melatonin; therefore, it has been shown in research to help control appetite, support a positive mood as well as promote calm/relaxation and for occasional sleeplessness.♦

Key Selling Features:
• Non-GMO
• Vegan
• Kosher Certified
• Free of most allergens (e.g., soy, gluten & milk)
• Available in 60 and 120 Vegetable Capsules

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