Extreme Edge® Nitro Powder Nitric Oxide Super Booster♦

November 07, 2016
SUGAR LAND, TEXAS, September 2016 – Introducing Extreme Edge® Nitro, the newest member to the Extreme Edge® family, designed to ignite an athlete’s muscles prior to a workout and keep that training intensity up throughout the duration of that workout or competition. It features clinically studied, Nitrosigine®, a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate stabilized with inositol scientifically engineered to significantly boost nitric oxide levels, a key factor in promoting the relaxation of smooth muscle in blood vessels. This increases blood flow to the heart and working muscles. Every batch of Extreme Edge® Nitro Powder is 3rd party tested by NSF, guaranteeing to be free of more than 200 substances banned by major sporting authorities. Plus, this raspberry flavored formula is free of artificially-derived colors, flavors and sweeteners working quickly in 30 minutes and lasting up to 3 hours. ♦

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